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Electric Dog Fence: The best investment we ever made!

All through the nasty weather, we had to trudge through snow sleet, rain, plus high winds -all of it. We used to don our coats, boots, scarves, gloves and had to cross our large 2 tiered deck, down the icy wet steps for Murphy to relieve himself- which was not always a quick decision on his part! UNTIL we made the wise decision to have Dog Guard underground fencing installed.

Now we are able to open the door and let Murphy out without worrying and without exposing ourselves to the nasty elements here in Northeast Ohio(including the intense heat). We would highly recommend this fencing to anyone and everyone with a pet who is not only concerned about the safety of their animal, but who also value their own time and comfort.

Our Murphy was trained easily and, despite his being a terrier, we are thrilled with how readily he adapted and can run and play or sit and watch the world go by and we are able to relax and enjoy our pet and our time. Thanks Dog Guard and a special thanks to Heather, our personal installation specialist for being available and always ready to answer our questions and help us when needed.

Linda and Jim Keberle


We love our Golden Doodle puppy and he loves people and pets.  But he is like Clifford the big red dog – he’s still growing at 60lbs!  Having a big, hairy dog come charging towards you to play can be quite intimidating.  So when our Doodle  “Dude” started crossing into neighbors’ yards, it was no longer “cute.”  We had to keep him on a leash at all times if he had to go out.

When DogGuard was introduced to him, we followed the training regimen to a “T.” (Great Training!) Now our “Dude” just rings the bells at the door when he has to go out and all we have to do is open the door and let him roam in our yard.

We also live on a lake, and DogGuard trained us on how to help him cross the barrier when WE wanted him to cross.  Now we all live happily together. 

Thanks DogGuard & Heather – you changed our lives!

Mary, Paul, Adam, Julia, Molly, and Doodle “Dude” Pusateri

Canton, Ohio


I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE our new Dog Guard fence. You really made a believer out of us.  Gracie, our 2 ½ year old black Lab adjusted to the boundaries very quickly and the new puppy, Lambeau, has “grown up” with it.


This summer has been wonderful having the dogs free to run and play in the yard. They can be outside for hours at a time and we are confident they are safe and  having a splendid time.  Even the mailman or a stray ball does not tempt them to go outside the fence.

In the past, we have built an expensive fence at every house we have lived in. No more, we are sold on Dog Guard. No more fences for us.  We only wish that we had done it sooner.

Allowing the dogs to have all the freedom they need to run and just “be dogs” is great. They get a lot more exercise now and are more relaxed when they come into the house.


Many Thanks….the Jankowskis, from Medina, OH

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